Mellomstasjonen, Kvitfjellvegen 492, 2634 Fåvang



Discover the breathtaking setting of Kvitfjell Hotel, offering panoramic views of Gudbrandsdalen and the enchanting alpine slopes of Kvitfjell. Nestled “right on the slope” at the middle station, both the hotel and alpine cabins invite you to seamlessly transition from indoors to the slopes—simply don your skis and gracefully descend into the heart of the action.


Nestled within the depths of the Panorama main building, the hotel’s restaurant offers more than just a meal—it provides a feast for the senses. Aptly named, it treats guests to a breathtaking panoramic view of Gudbrandsdalen and the picturesque alpine slopes. With seating for up to 90 diners, the restaurant promises not just a culinary journey but an immersive experience in a stunning setting.


Step into a realm of excellence with our outstanding meeting space. This sophisticated venue offers modern amenities, including TV, video camera, flipover, and a whiteboard. Benefit from high-speed Wi-Fi, conference equipment, and Bose audio for seamless interactions.  Enjoy breathtaking valley views in a brand-new, high-standard environment.