Mellomstasjonen, Kvitfjellvegen 492, 2634 Fåvang


Kvitfjell Hotel is located with fantastic views across Gudbrandsdalen and the alpine slopes in Kvitfjell. Our hotel, cabins and apartments are all located right next to the slopes at 750 m.a.s. Just put the skies on and slide out in what is considered to be some of the best slopes in Scandinavia. Within a range of less than 300m you will find restaurants, grocery store, ski rental a sport shop and a cosy afterski.

Kvitfjell has established itself as a complete winter destination and offers the largest span of slopes found in Scandinavia from the green family-friendly ones to the black World Cup slopes.

But what is close to a secret is that from Kvitfjell you will find more than 600km of cross country tracks. We have fantastic nature starting out a few hundred meters from the hotel. Welcome to a white kingdom.